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14 March 11:35
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What is Anti-Detect Fingerprint Browser?

What is Fingerprint Browser?

Fingerprint browser, also known as anti-detection browser, super browser, e-commerce browser, can open multiple browser windows on the same computer at the same time, simulate different computer or mobile phone configurations for each browser window, and simulate Different IP addresses are also known as fingerprint information!
In this way, each browser window is a completely independent individual existence, and there is no relationship between them, so different browser windows will not be linked to each other, downgrade rights, trigger platform risk control, or be identified by the platform. account group. Therefore, when doing Internet business, in order to prevent the account from being controlled or restricted by the platform, a fingerprint browser is essential!

About BitBrowser:

Bitbrowser, deeply developed by Google Kernel, can realize the effect of simulating real machine information at the physical level, proxy IP is deeply anonymized, and there is 100% no correlation between browser windows, which highly guarantees the cleanliness of the browser environment. Open a browser window, log in multiple accounts, anti-association and anti-blocking artifacts! Whether you operate Facebook, Amazon, Shopee, Tiktok, Paypal, or other e-commerce stores or website accounts, we can escort your account security!
1. The version is newly added to upgrade the MAC version
BitBrowser supports Win+Mac version, upgrades in a timely manner, and constantly improves and updates.
2. Permanently free 10 environments, official tutorials
10 environments are permanently free for everyone, so that the price is the lowest in the industry and the most versatile.
3. Open more windows to prevent association and account closure
It supports opening multiple windows with one click, opening multiple accounts, and supporting teamwork, etc., to reduce costs and increase efficiency for enterprises.
4. In-depth development of Google kernel
In-depth product development, continuous testing and improvement, to protect the interests of users
5. Referral rewards are permanently valid
Permanent referral rewards, so that every BitBrowser user has the opportunity to make money.
6. Recommended proxy IP
Proxy IP is recommended for long-term stability.
7. Interface language
The software page supports switching between Chinese and English, which is convenient and efficient for customer service.

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Written by Daria ASocks

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