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12 April 11:41
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How does MuLogin help users protect their accounts from being banned?


MuLogin is a multi-login antidetect fingerprint browser. Securely logging in and managing multiple accounts across multiple platforms using a separate and distinct browser fingerprint environment, to prevent simultaneous logins from being detected, can help users grow their online business securely, efficiently, and quickly. Works with all web-based platforms such as eBay, Amazon, Gmail, Instagram, PayPal, Twitter, YouTube, iTunes, Facebook, Tiktok, Tinder, and more.


Each browser profile created in MuLogin has its own unique digital fingerprint, and MuLogin allows websites to read a "mask fingerprint" that is different from your real fingerprint in this way instead of preventing websites from reading your real fingerprint. Users can also customize the fingerprint by setting Webrtc, UserAgent, Language, Timezone, Location, WebGL, Resolution, Canvas, and other information, so that websites cannot detect that multiple accounts are from the same device. Moreover, each browser profile data is stored separately in the cloud and locally, and the data is completely isolated from each other and cannot be leaked to each other. The data is well protected and the real user can remain anonymous at all times.


When using MuLogin Antidetect Browser, you also use it with proxy IP, and set independent proxy IP for each browser, such as Asocks proxy. You can access any web page worldwide without restriction, and also hide your real IP and location, effectively protecting your data from being leaked. If you use the same IP, it will lead to the same IP and network and be associated, which will also affect the account security.

MuLogin supports teamwork, the main account can manage multiple sub-accounts, and each sub-account can operate independently. Users can easily control the access of team members to browser profiles by sharing or transferring profiles. All data is synchronized in the cloud, all operations can be done in the same environment, and users don't need to log in and log out to switch accounts separately, avoiding any risk and hassle, and improving work efficiency!

Any repetitive tasks can be automated in MuLogin through APIs. You can automate MuLogin through a series of Local APIs or tool libraries such as Selenium and Puppeteer.


In short, MuLogin provides advanced security fingerprint environment isolation and prevents account association bans as well as facilitates users to manage multiple accounts at the same time. With multiple accounts logging in simultaneously, modifying hardware and software fingerprints, supporting cookie import and export, setting separate IPs, team collaboration, modifying geolocation, and many other features to improve the user's tedious workflow. Try MuLogin Antidetect Browser now and improve your work efficiency!


Multi-platform and multi-account management;
Provide unique and independent browser fingerprint environment for each browser;
Multiple fingerprints protection, open multiple browsers at the same time to prevent being detected;
Simple browser automation;
Support multi-user collaborative use, efficient work;
Support integrating with popular proxy providers.
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Written by Daria ASocks

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