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03 May 15:32

Refund and Cancellation Policy

At ASocks we are doing our best to deliver our Clients a consistent and sustainable Service. This Refund and Cancellation Policy alongside the Terms of Use and Service Level Agreement constitutes an entire agreement between ASocks (The ASocks), and you (The Customer or You). Please read this document carefully before you start using the service (as described in the Terms of Use and Service Level Agreement) for it will regulate the sensitive process of dispute settlement and moneyback questions that may arise out of the use of the system. The refund decision is usually taken within a day and directly depend on the adherence to the refund rules and pay,ment method performed by a user. The refund transaction may take up to 14 days.

1. Dispute Resolution.

Any disputes arising out of Clients access to the Services and/or use of the System shall be resolved subject to Dispute Resolution Procedure set out as follows:

Any dispute arising out of the use of the System shall be provided for the Customer Support of ASocks consideration by email to: [email protected]. Please address any inquiries that may arise in relation to Refund, Cancelation, or Chargeback to Customer Support.

Please be aware that for security reasons we log Customer Support conversations with the Customers.

2. Refundable and Non-refundable Events.

You can address the request for a refund upon the following conditions are met:

The double unintentional payment has been made to top-up your Account.

The double purchase of the same Bundle occurred and You haven’t started to use the second bundle purchased as a result of unintentional double-payment.

The System is not available outside the frames set in Service Level Agreement.

2.1. Refundable events:

The Services provided are inconsistent with the Service Level Agreement.

The Customer hasn’t started to use (transfer data via) the Bundle.

2.2. Non-refundable events:

The Customer provided incomplete or inconsistent data during the Registration Procedure.

The trial period is not refundable. Including situations when a user used a promo code along with topping up the balance, and spent funds from the general account.

The Customer Account blocked or suspended as a result of illegal activities by the Customer.

Breach of Customer obligations on Acceptable Use of the System or the Service (as defined in Terms of Use).

The Customer has started to transfer and/or receive data through the System subject to Customers purchase of Bundle through Customer dashboard in the System.

The Customer purchased Bundle within 24 hours.

Refunds are possible only to those details from which the replenishment was made.

The quality of Services provided matches the conditions stipulated in Service Level Agreement.

The time limitations of the Bundle purchased already expired.

Connection quality and connection speed are limited to third-party capacities and are out of the scope of ASocks control. The ASocks hereby does not guarantee any quality measurements for internet connection quality provided by the third-party Internet Service Providers and you hereby agree that any concern related to the connection speed parameters is a non-refundable event.

Denial of Software on The Customer side. As far as The Customer may use third-party and/or proprietary Software (The Customer Software) to access the System and/or for use of the System The ASocks will take no responsibility on Customer Software compatibility with the System.

Written by Daria ASocks

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