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02 May 16:25
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What are the rotating proxies?

With Asocks, you can use rotating proxies. In this case, our script (IP rotator) will automatically shuffle the proxies. This way, your activities with proxies will be harder to detect for the target websites. Another important benefit of rotating proxies is that since the IP addresses originate from different geo locations, it will give you a greater level of anonymity and security when browsing the web.

For proxy addresses, we use a specific endpoint format (instead of plain IPs) to make it easier to use as you do not have to change the IPs - this format enables us to rotate the IP . 
It's simple – you select the proxy address (endpoint) that can either represent the country or city of your choice, and set it up on your application or operating system and use it as a regular proxy. 

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Written by Daria ASocks

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