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13 October 12:58

What is the difference between IP authorization and login/password?

Both authorization methods: IP authorization and login/password, provide the ability to connect to the same common IP pool.

You can choose any option convenient for you and suitable for your software.

There are a few differences:


1. To authorize by login/password, you need the following connection parameters:

domain/IP, port number, login, and password.

You only need a domain/IP and port number for IP authorization. Also, to select the desired GEO, you will need to create an appropriate filter in your account.


2. For authorization by login/password, ports 9000+ are used, and for IP authorization - 10000+.


3. With ports 9000+, authorization by login/password, you can use the HTTP and SOCKS5H protocols. With ports 10000+, IP authorization, only HTTP protocol can be used.


4. For authorization by login/password, you don't need to add your real IP to the Whitelist. However, you must add IP to the Whitelist for IP authorization. Without this step, you will not be able to connect to the proxy.

Written by Daria ASocks

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